Moroccan Wall Decor Centerpiece Large Ceramic Bowl Plate Inlay Camel Bone Metal

by FEZ
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We have this magnificent Decor collectible bowl in Traditional moroccan design pattern 
the plate is a unique hand painted piece measures 16 Inches Diameter x 4 inches tall 
Pottery of this type is made in Fes city , Morocco, is known as one of the centers for this art and utilizes red clay to create the ceramic pottery. Clay is softened by hand, and formed using a potter's wheel which is powered by foot, using age-old techniques. Pieces are dried in the sun then baked in kilns ( ovens ) 
it has inlay dye carved camel bone and metalwork details
Whether you use them in your kitchen or display them in your dinning or living room Moroccan plates will add fantastic colors and style to your interiors. Click on images to see larger pictures of the plate
All plates that are hand made in Morocco have a round bottom neck with a hole in it allowing you to put a wire and hang it just like a picture frame